Hopeless. We have all been there at some point. We have faced circumstances that seemed beyond hope. I can recall vividly the void of hope when I moved to Texas over four years ago. I had just moved 1,000 miles away from my family to a city where I only knew the two other guys moving with me. We spent our first few weeks as Texans living in hotels rooms because we were never informed that it is almost impossible to find housing in Dallas for three single guys with hardly any rental history, especially at the busiest time of the year for Dallas real-estate. Week after week went by, application after application was denied, and our meager savings were nearly used up on cheap, dirty hotel rooms. Never before had I felt so hopeless. There were moments where it felt like we would never find housing, and we would have to leave Texas before I could even start seminary.

It was in this season that I clung to a truth which Paul calls the power of the resurrection (Philippians 3:10). Some might presume that the greatest miracle in history was creation, when God created everything that exists of nothing. But even greater than the miracle of creation was the miracle of the resurrection. At creation God created good out of nothing, but at the resurrection he created life out of death. It is one thing to bring something new into existence, but it is a completely different miracle to bring hope out of the most hopeless of circumstances. Understanding that God has the power and capability to bring life out of the most hopeless of situations gives us the confidence to walk forward in faith no matter what comes against us.

In Texas. just before our savings ran out, God provided provided hope in the form of a three bedroom rental on Joanna Lane. After moving in, things turned bleak rather quickly. Our new house was broken into right after we moved in, and the stress and hopelessness returned. A year later, I moved to a new apartment where I was once again hopeful, until a bullet flew through our living room in the middle of the night. Shortly after this a last minute vacancy in seminary housing miraculously came available and we were able to move out of the dangerous neighborhood. God showed himself able to protect and able to provide time and time again. He was able to build relationships and bring hope out of circumstances that felt unsafe at best.

No matter the season of life, there are circumstances around us that seem hopelessly broken. However, we can have hope knowing that there is nothing God cannot overcome. There is no death he cannot bring life to. So I invite you to join me and Paul in his prayer, that we might know the power of the resurrection. That we might know God’s power so well that we will never doubt his ability to come through. Even when all hope is lost.

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